Get your business to the top of google is the number 1 priority when it comes to getting your name out there . To be honest advertising on sites like thomson local and yellow pages are as good as pointless . Many people may not like google ,However as long as humans keep using it ,they will just get stronger and better .


Having a google plus page is very important .Having a brand will boost your website . Google loves to see legitimate brands so make sure you get a logo and stick with it for a few years . In the olden days you could add as many businesses as you liked via a place which no longer exists on google (local/add) .This meant you could put a fake business anywhere in the world and it will be listed .

We knew of a car detailing company that used these methods and targeted the richer areas of england and within 2 days the business took off to a whole new level . Nowadays they clamp down on this and rightly so but we still see companies listing up everywhere .

Long story short Maps will always show local businesses in search results before other ones so make sure you speak to us and ask us how this method could help you .